Thursday, July 10, 2008

Week one but not undone

Well I completed another run for the couch to 5k challenge. My golly I am sore, must make mental note to myself, don't do a leg workout the day before a run. I am starting to walk like I have been on a horse all day.

Quick stats for today are: I burnt off 150 calories. During the brisk pace segments I walked at 5.6 speed, and running at 8.8 speed, and today I ran 2.8k's. I assume I am going to eventually get to 5k's.

My next day is Saturday. Boy do i hope my legs work by then.

1 comment:

Donna xo said...

Well done!! I am still yet to start *sigh* I swear we're going to be sick for months at this rate!! Keep at it, you are doing great!!

Sunny :)