Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Super Cool Wednesday - by Miss R

The title may be cool but are you? I guess so. I learnt today that you shouldn't leave the controller while you are in a race with your sister. Otherwise you lose the game!. I was at the finish line, and everytime someone went past me they electrocuted me. Ouch!

I also learnt today not to go outside with out shoes. My sister went outside when it was 9 degrees and froze her toes. Then she put her toes on me!!!!!! And I am very angry grrrr.

I learnt to not let my sister have a pillow because she is better at pillow fights than I am. I only got one hit in and she had four. She wins.

I learnt to never be in the middle when your brother is trying to give your sister a wet willy. You may get knocked around a bit.

from Miss R

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