Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sporadic blogger

Back again... does life get away from you sometimes? There are so many things that I want to do each day that I rarely get to finish them. Below are some things I have learnt about time management:-

- Don't expect that you will be able to finish everything on your list today
- Prioritise what you feel is the most important tasks and do them first, second, third etc.
- Carry over anything to the next day.
- Still learning about other points will post once I have figured it out. Or if you have any to add please email me

Here is my list for today:-
* Do couch to 5k run
* Tell my husband how much I love him
* Tell my kids how much I love them
* Do some knitting
* Paint
* Finish off my work
* Tidy the house
* Take the dog for a walk
* Take a breath and enjoy what I have around me (sometimes I forget to do this one!)

I finished my first week of couch to 5k's. It has been fabulous. I don't think I have lost any weight (darn!) but I do feel a lot more energetic. I am looking forward to starting week 2 tonight, I hope I can keep up. I will post how I go tomorrow (fingers crossed).

It is the last week of the school holidays here, and my kids have been just brilliant. Well behaved even. Usually by this time of the holidays, they start to fight and get on each others nerves, but not this time. They have played nicely together, even helped each other out! I am sooooo impressed with them.

I hope your school holidays have been just as great.

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