Wednesday, July 2, 2008

At the beginning...

Thanks for reading our blog.  This is our first attempt at blogging, although I am sure the younger members of our family have been blogging in some form or other without the older members knowing.  This is quite exciting and we know people have been blogging for a long time, but we have only just started and can't wait to learn along the way!   

Our life is a little adventure.  Sometimes our adventure (life) floats us quietly and smoothly down the river allowing us to take in all that is around us and appreciate what we have and would like to do, and then without us really noticing we are in the rapids bouncing around, moving from one rock to another, making decisions on instinct.  Either way, fast or slow, we intend life to be our own adventure (interesting or not).  We will sometimes make mistakes, the wrong decisions, we will also make great decisions but ultimately we are doing our best.

We hope you can come along on our little adventure with us.

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