Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Couch?? Or new me??

Well I have been thinking a lot about my life lately, and what I want to achieve. Have you every gotten into a rut or maybe too comfortable that you didn't know it?? Or you thought things were ok around you, but they actually weren't, and still you didn't know it?

Well in view of these thoughts I have joined the Couch to 5k club. Check out the link here http://www.ullreys.com/robert/Podcasts/index.html. I started it last week, but due to work commitments (funny this is one of the things that usually gets in my way of doing what I want to achieve) I only got around to doing 2 runs. So.... I thought I would start again, and today was the day.

There is a catch, I didn't run outside, I didn't brave the elements of rain, sleet and wind. I didn't brave 0 degrees. Instead I used our trusty treadmill, in the comfort of my home. Is that still ok do you think? I enjoyed it anyway. I kept going through the full 30 minutes, and I felt ok. I felt so good all day and I had energy! My usual thing at 3pm is to search the house for any stash of chocolate or sweets. Not today, and my appetite wasn't as ridiculous as it normally is.

I AM going to stick to the nine week program! I AM!

Here are a few of my stats to keep me honest. I currently weigh 58kg (OMG did I say that out loud!!!). According to my trusty treadmill I burnt off 145 calories. During the brisk pace segments I walked at 5.5 speed, and running at 8.8 speed, and today I ran 2.5k's. I assume I am going to eventually get to 5k's.

My next attempt is on Thursday. If I don't post, please harass me to keep me honest.

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